Winter Activities

Winter Activities

If you should ever tire of hitting the slopes, it may be time to explore the multitude of other activities available right out of Niseko. Embrace the winter weather and engage in an adventure that will get your whole family on board.

For further details, just request booking information from the Gondola Chalet concierge staff.

Snow mobile and Snow Cat Adventures

Shinsetsu Mountain Guides have the power to take you deep into Niseko’s breathtaking backcountry terrain, to places where your ski’s never had a chance of reaching.

A snowmobile or snow cat will not only guarantee you an action packed journey, but also an opportunity to absorb the beautiful natural surroundings. Professionally guided tours operate over Niseko’s untracked mountain ranges, powder fields and through the majestic Silver Birch forests, all from the comfort of your heated snow mobile.

Tour routes will vary depending on the flexibility and experience levels of your group.

Snow Shoeing 

Trekking on foot through the Niseko backcountry is described as a truly beautiful and physically satisfying experience. This is an opportunity to absorb natural surroundings whilst traversing a magnificent mountainous landscape. Enjoy the joy of powder snow without the need for ski or snowboard expertise.

All tours are accompanied by a fully qualified guide.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is an activity that will shelter you from the chilly winds outside, but still offers a physical challenge. Niseko Adventure Centre welcomes all ability levels to this fun and rewarding activity. Remember to stop in at Jojo’s café upstairs before you leave, their famous cheeseburgers will be the perfect reward for a hard day’s work.

Hot Springs

In between skiing and the snow, head to Niseko’s famous natural hot springs. Here you can relax in the incredible 40C+ water to soothe tired muscles and warm up after long days in the cold.

Submerged to the neck in hot spring water while surrounded by dreamlike winter wonderland landscapes is a truly unique, Niseko experience.

More Information

Niseko Adventure Centre provides a range of services for winter weather. Click here more information.