The Best Snow Shots of Niseko Winter 20/21

Here are a few of our favorite photos capturing Niseko’s beautiful snow paradise. Read about the individual shots below the gallery!


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This amazing photo by Daisuki Watanabe and Kentaraw Matsuda was the Judge’s Choice winner of this year’s Niseko Shootout PROAM photography contest. The long exposure shot capturing the bright stars and the snowboarder’s trail is a great ode to Niseko’s popular night boarding.

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Caught on drone by Kentaro Abe, this action shot frames a perfectly carved fresh line through Niseko’s backcountry. One glance at the deep track shows that Niseko’s snow is unrivaled by any other.

 What makes Japow so good? The cold, dry wind that blows through Hokkaido draws out the moisture and leaves it blanketed in dry, feather-light powder – perfect for creating awesome powder sprays like this one shot by Patrick Ohtani.
Asahidake is Hokkaido’s tallest mountain, located a few hours northeast of Sapporo. The stratovolcano boasts both excellent terrain and stunning views, such as the impressive steam vents pictured here.

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Blue skies, snow-capped trees, deep untouched powder; Kris Lund and Aaron Jamieson’s photograph depicts the perfect winter wonderland.

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