Ski & Snowboard

Ski & Snowboard

Niseko is renowned for its powder-filled mountain ranges that create an impeccable environment for any snow enthusiast to roam wild. Unique Siberian weather patterns bring about consistent showers of light, “champagne powder”, that ski-enthusiasts immerse themselves in each season.

Named in the top ten worldwide ski resorts in 2010, Niseko ski fields are noted for consistent snow fall and picturesque ranges huddled around Mount Yotei.

Niseko’s ski season stretches from November until May and brings about an average of 15-18 metres of snow per season. Snow Japan provides a daily comprehensive snow condition update.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Niseko has a piece of action suitable for everyone, whether your tool of choice is a set of skis, a snowboard or a snow mobile.

Rental Equipment 

Gondola Chalet’s in-house hire specialist is Harro’s Ski Hire. We highly recommend this company as a premium equipment hire specialist for all ski and snowboard needs. Please see his website for all information:

Or alternatively book online today: BOOKING FORM.

The Right Tools for Niseko: What to Bring

Do not make the mistake of packing incorrectly for your holiday in Niseko. Niseko’s snow conditions are quite unique to ski resorts across the world so you can be easily mistaken in packing unsuitable ski equipment.

In particular, skis and snowboards are specifically designed for the amount of snow the equipment is intended to operate in. As such, most regular ski and snowboard equipment are too narrow, and incorrectly shaped for Niseko’s soft powder.

To avoid any problems, Gondola Chalets recommend you hire your ski and snowboard equipment upon arrival in Niseko. This way you can ensure you have the right equipment to traverse those waist-deep powder ranges.


Niseko’s soft layer of snow on the run’s provides the perfect environment for beginners on their first attempts at skiing. The broad variety of professional, top-rate ski and snowboard schools available in Niseko will offer lessons for beginners, or thrill-seekers vying for an off-track adventure with a professional.

The unrivalled snow falls in Niseko attract ski-instructors known for their skill and professionalism, so make sure you book your lessons in advance to ensure you don’t miss out. Please do not hesitate to request a list of Gondola Chalet recommended ski schools upon making your booking.

Alternatively, see our in house tour guide, Shinsetsu Mountain Guides, for lessons.