Getting to Niseko

You will be enjoying the comfort of your Gondola Chalets apartment before you know it!

Getting to Niseko

Travel from Chitose Airport to Niseko can be carried out in a variety of ways, so make a selection based on the size of your party and the time you are prepared to forgo on the mountain before arriving in Niseko.

Ensure your journey to Niseko is as stress-free as possible by booking your transfers in advance.

Gondola Chalets recommend any of the following transfer options;

Private Travel

Far superior to regular transfers in both convenience and comfort, private travel encompasses a service that will take you straight from the airport to Gondola Chalets. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a Gondola Chalet concierge who will see that all your questions and queries are answered.

If you would like more details as to booking private transfers, please request more information when making a reservation at Gondola Chalets. Alternatively see links below.

Yotei Taxi
Phone: (+81)136-45-2740
Fax: (+81)136-45-3479

Bus Travel

Bus travel is the most popular form of transfer to Niseko, delivering efficiency and value for money. Gondola Chalets strongly recommend you book your bus transfers in advance so that your whole party can be accommodated.

Though there are a variety of bus companies, we recommend the Big Runs service. To increase convenience, we recommend booking your transfer directly from Chitose Airport as bus transfer times have been aligned to accommodate any flight delays, an unfortunate facet of peak snow season. Further, ensure you allow 60 minutes between flight arrival and bus departure for domestic flights, and 90 minutes for international flights.

The Big Runs service stops adjacent to Gondola Chalets, ensuring an easy journey.

The attached link show transfer timetables for the Bigruns Whiteliner. Furthermore, a map of the check-in counter within Chitose Airport is available for download.

Train Travel

The journey by train to Niseko follows a scenic route that will allow you to absorb the beautiful, natural sights of Sapporo or Otaru before continuing on to Niseko. However, the transfer if slightly more complex due to the station changes at Sapporo or Otaru. Further, a 10-minute cab to Gondola Chalets in Niseko will be required once you arrive in Kutchan.

The attached PDF documents show transfer timetables for the trains. Further, a map of the train station location in relation to Chitose Airport is available for download.